Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reclaim Power! Southeast Action Camp

Reclaim Power Southeast Action Camp
August 18-22 – Western North Carolina
Day of Action August 22, Location TBA-

People working for justice, peace and a sustainable future in the
Southeast are coming together for a long weekend of workshops, trainings,
strategizing, and direct action! Our region faces a range of threats from
coal mining, nuclear waste and rising sea levels to racist anti-immigrant
laws and the military industrial complex. It’s time to come together and
reclaim our power.

We will train and build skills to take effective action on social justice

and peace as well as energy and climate justice campaigns active in our
region. We will work together to hone "tried and true" tactics -- and
maybe dream up new ones to try! On Monday we will put our new skills into
practice with an exciting day of action (location TBA)

The camp will be hosted on a beautiful site with a swimming pond almost on

the state line between the Carolinas, a short 40 minutes South of
Asheville. Camping at the site or accommodations in town are available.

Workshops will include: community organizing, anti-oppression, nonviolent

direct action 101, debunking false solutions to climate change, blockades,
sustainable living systems, action climbing, media, disaster response,
street medic training, fighting nukes and coal, and much more.

ACTION MEDIC TRAINING -- A submersion program -- participants will be part

of camp life, but take a separate "track" of trainings focused expressly
on becoming qualified to serve your community as a medic during
non-violent direct actions. For more info and to register into this
program -- please inquire:

All ages and skill levels welcome. Come for renewal -- or come for your

first activist training and dive in. We welcome both expertise and also
new ideas and perspectives to freshen the stream of action. Everyone has
something to share that others can learn from!

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