Thursday, November 1, 2012

Swanson: "What Changes the World is Not Elections"

 Activist and author David Swanson of Charlottesville, Va. address a full house at the roof-top room at the historic Battery Park Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina.

Thanks David for making the journey to share your compelling call for an end to war and challenging us to work for policy change, not personality change. 

"The things that were taboo and scandalous under Bush are now open and accepted and written into so-called law...the lawless imprisonment of people without charge or trial...the warrantless spying, normalized by bi-partisan acceptance...the renditions and  torture which have now become policy choice, not crimes, the launching of wars without Congress...the murdering the assassinating of human beings which has become openly established...

"What changes the world is not elections...we do not have credible elections. ...

What is needed is an independent movement based on policy change not personality change."

Video of David's address, click below.
David Swanson speaking in Asheville

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