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2012: On The Ground - Action, Collaboration & Training

Hilton Head Activist Jan Gagner with her Iconic 1960s Photo 

2012 was another busy year  of travel, presentations, trainings,  and actions for the New South Network of War Resisters. Here are some highlights.

Field organizers Clare Hanrahan and Coleman Smith have been on the road in the S.E. region presenting  War On The Earth! Environmental Impact:Atomic Appalachia and the Militarized Southeast.”   

This factual  indictment of the environmental impact of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) in the Southeast is a product of our extensive research, as well as our insights as Southern grassroots organizers, Nonviolent Direct Action Trainers and Legal Observers. The presentation is continually improved by critical feedback, local knowledge and clarifying  questions from students and activists in peace and justice organizations, Environmental Justice classes at colleges and universities, and church and civic groups throughout the region.

Mary Sullivan at Hilton Head Weekly Vigil
Throughout 2012 our "War on the Earth!" presentation was used as an outreach activity and organizational tool for various groups, including the Ethical Culture Society of Asheville, Hilton Head Islanders for Peace,  Aiken(S.C.) Peace, (click here for video) and the Alternative New Year gathering at Kings Bay, Georgia, the Atlantic port and support base for the Trident Nuclear Submarine.
Long Haul Peace Warriors at the Alternative New Year
"War on The Earth"  exposes militarisms' toxic legacy  which continues to devastate the people and culture of the Southeast U.S. and the ecological harm from the manufacture and storage of conventional high explosives, production of incapacitating and nerve agents, contamination from rocket fuel, manufacture of weaponized uranium ordnance, thermo-nuclear weapons and commercial nuclear power with the resulting massive accumulations of radioactive waste. 

"War On The Earth!"  is also a history lesson on the scope and depth of the MIC’s social, economic, racial and cultural injustices thrust upon the South,  revealing the cumulative impact of the MIC's wasting of an entire region and the resulting social, economic, and cultural accommodations.  "War on The Earth!"  looks beneath the surface of  these societal manipulations of the Southeast region in the name of War, National Sacrifice, and Profiteering by the Global Economic War Machine and stimulates dialog and explores effective action opportunities.  Connect with us to schedule a stop on our Spring 2013 road trip.  

New South Network of War Resisters also collaborate on many fronts where local and regional action,  training and legal observing is called for.
Occupying Nuclear Regulatory Hearing in Gaffney, S.C.
  • Gaffney, S.C. - Exhibit and "Mike Check" Presentation at Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing concerning Duke Energy’s proposed W.S. Lee Nuclear Power Plants I & II. (Jan. 19)

  • Occupy Charlotte, N.C. called on New South Network to facilitate Nonviolent Action Trainings in January.
    Smith with Charlotte Occupiers

Citizen Journalist "Not Guilty!" Lisa, Ben & Sonny

  • Occupy Asheville. Throughout the year we donned the green hats of National Lawyer's Guild Legal Observers to provide ongoing support for various actions, including Occupy Asheville's numerous  court dates. Lisa Landis, a citizen journalist, selected for prosecution, appealed her sentence and prevailed in a jury trial.

Asheville Homeless Network called upon Legal Observers

Lisa Fithian shares a trainer's wisdom in Asheville part of 99% Spring Training

  • New South Network hosts  speakers and workshops in the vintage Battery Park Hotel rooftop room.

  • Western North Carolina War Tax Resisters gathered in April to picket at the post office and provide informational literature. Hanrahan spoke at a Tax Day gathering in Asheville's Pritchard Park.


  • We also joined in the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance's April march and rally to the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons plant.    
  • Stay tuned to Action South for more stories and photos of our local collaborations and travels in the region.  Comments welcome!

Photos & Report by Clare Hanrahan & Coleman Smith.
Thanks to our loyal supporters who help keep us fueled and equipped for the work.
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