Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End the Wars! Asheville Street Theater

Despite frigid temperatures, dozens came out to participate with Peacetown Asheville and New South Network of War Resisters for puppetry and pageantry on December 20.  We collaborated with VFP 099 and Asheville's Women in Black calling for Peace on Earth and No More War!

One of the event organizers, Coleman Smith, who designed the massive banner, acknowledged the "many folks who made this happen from the initial concept, to the development brainstorms,  to the late night work crews, the  final push, the installation & participation on the street."

The Grinch carried a duffel of deadly armaments and tried to disrupt the Spirit of Peace, represented by Monica Tilhou, dressed in white and holding aloft a dove. The Grinch was thwarted by the growing chorus of voices calling out: House the homeless/End the Wars!  Feed the hungry/End the Wars!  Care for the Veterans/End the Wars! Health care for Everyone/End the Wars! Save the Earth/End the Wars!

A Blue Goddess puppet, embodied by Judith Hallock, brought the presence of the powerful feminine Earth energies onto the scene.

VFP 099 President James Latimore and Treasurer Lyle Petersen joined the tableau standing around a barrel warmed by a cardboard fire, to represent the homeless war veterans.

Dozens of large peace signs, mounted on poles, crafted by Ole Sorensen added to the visual effect of this call for peace.

VFP-TV producers Kasha Baxter and David Ireland video taped the event, as did others. Though local mainstream media were notified, none came out to report on the story. 

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