Sunday, April 1, 2012

The South: A National Sacrifice Zone?

      The New South Network's  current presentation is a stunning indictment of the environmental impact and toxic legacy of the Military Industrial Complex on the people and culture of  the Southeast U.S.
      This startling wake up call depicts the scope and depth of the social, economic, racial and cultural injustices thrust upon the South revealing the cumulative impact of the Military Industrial Complex's wasting of an entire region.  The devastation was accelerated by a political trade off that seeded the Jim Crow South with military bases in exchange for Congressional votes to pass FDR's New Deal legislation.
      Earlier versions of this research were presented at  the first MIC@50 Conference in Greensboro, NC (Jan. 14-16, 2011), and again in Charlottesville, Virginia, (Sept.16-18,2011). We continue to research and refine the presentation based on our travels in the region and the questions and feedback from students, activists, and others in Environmental Justice classes at universities, civic groups and peace and justice organizations.
      War on Earth! stimulates lively discussion of the real costs of war and of the often hidden but hazardous, toxic, and radioactive poisons left behind as the War Machine expands its relentless march across the South.
     Visually stimulating, the images and information conveyed are at times difficult to face, asking of the viewer to accept a truth which our Government, the Pentagon, and Corporate America have buried in an effort to keep the public blind to a toxic legacy that persists  for generations.
      War on the Earth! is a one-hour presentation that just scratches the surface of the deadly environmental impacts on the Southeast region from manufacture and storage of conventional high explosives, production of incapacitating and nerve agents, rocket fuel, weaponized uranium, thermo-nuclear weapons, commercial nuclear power and radioactive waste.
      As native Southern activists,  Coleman Smith and Clare Hanrahan feel particularly compelled to expose the injustices done to an entire region which the U.S. military has used as a " national sacrifice zone.

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